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“Are We Stupid or Slaves? They Kill Our Farmers and We Buy Their Cows to Bury Them” – Nigerian Lady Said in Anger



Insecurity in different parts of the country is one of the major problem in Nigeria that never seems to go away no matter who is running the affairs of the country, especially the age-long farmers/herders conflict that have claimed the lives of many innocent Nigerians.

While the problem of insecurity has always been there, it has escalated in the last few weeks. Major headline news in the last few days are filled with either reports of farmers/herders crisis, or kidnapping of defenseless Nigerians.

We have heard a lot of call for peace, ultimatums have been issued, and clashes between governors in the last few days. Almost everyone seems to have an opinion about the raging insecurity problem in the country.

Jumping on the bandwagon is a Nigerian young lady named Adaigbo Gburugburu, whose Twitter post is actually the reason for this article.

Here is what she have to say:

“Their cows feed on our farmer’s crops in order to grow, our farmers are forcefully slept with, killed & cut in pieces while their cows feed on the farmer’s crops. Then we buy the same cow to bury the farmer making them rich for killing the farmer.WHAT ARE WE? STUPID OR SLAVES?”

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While everyone have the right to air their opinion, I kind of think that Adaigbo Gburugburu choice of words are a bit too harsh.

We should always be careful about what we say, so as not to add more fuel to the problems we are already facing.