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A Man Saw This on His Way to Work, This Is What People Are Saying About it (Photos below)



God of creation created the world in a wonderful way. Sometimes when you think of the many things God created, and how He created them, within you, you would imagine the love He have for His children that made Him to create and made sure that no one lack anything. But it’s unfortunate that many people He love/created in His own image do not deserve those beautiful things, due to their wickedness.

This is why He regretted creating human beings after He saw that their hearts are evil. Bible says the hearts of men is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked, but the Lord who search every heart, will reward every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings.

Though most of evil (s) is done at night when the doers think no one sees them, but they forgot so quick that the creator of the whole universe is Omnipresent, He is everywhere at the same time, and no evil done at night or in the day will go unpunished.

What this brother posted in this group is one of those evils. I believe this evil is done against someone and somewhere, but God will thwart every bad intention of whoever that did it.

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When you read some of people’s reactions below, you would see that almost all the reactions where directed to the poster. They blamed him that he did not do the needful, which is to untie the chicken, but they forgot that there are somethings one can not do ordinary, especially when you’re not powerful in prayer.

They also forgot that one shouldn’t be ignorant of the devil’s devices, because if you must wrestle against any of the enemy devices, you must be fortified spiritually.

Read some of their reactions below and tell us what would have been your reaction, should you were the one that came across this, the chicken in this condition.

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