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See The Two Brothers Who Uses Charms To Extort Money From Yahoo Boys (Details below)



The rate Nigerian Youth family members now get involve in internet fraud is so alarming so many young youth are currently in the prison custody awaiting judgment for committing fraud.

Fraud shouldn’ t be encourage in the country because it gives the country a bad name, tow blood Brothers were arrested with charms in their residence for always using the Efcc name to extort money from Yahoo Boys through the use of charms.

The economic and financial crime commission, Ibadan zonal office, has arrested two blood brother for extorting internet fraudsters with promises to shield them from possible arrest by the Commission. The two brothers that were arrested are Olatunji Joe Beyioku and Oluwayomi Beyioku they were arrested in Abeokuta, Ogun State capital, on Friday, November 15, 2019, during a serious operation.

EFCC operatives had embarked on discreet investigations into the activities of the suspects when it was discovered that they are in the habit of the extorting ‘ Yahoo Boys’ to help them evade arrest by the EFCC.

The two brothers after their arrest confessed of how they extort so much money from Yahoo Boys through the use of charms that will make them listen to anything they say, according to one of the brothers the don’ t only deal on extorting money from Yahoo Boys but they also involve in different kind of internet fraud.

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They were arrested based on intelligence reports that was given to the Commission about their alleged involvement in fraudulent activities.

They two brothers were arrested in their residence in oyo state at the point of their arrest some Items were discovered from them, items like pots of charms, car, laptops and Efcc identity cards.

They have made useful statement to the Efcc after series of interrogations and they will charge to court as soon as possible.

They zonal inspector of the economic and financial crime commission has warned all the youth to stay away from fraudulent activities for the eyes of the Commission is watching at them.

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