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Meet The Lady Forced To Live Inside Plastic Bucket All Her Life (Details below)



Rahma Haruna was a 19-year old Nigerian teenager who became famous for a viral photo taken by photographer Sani Maikatanga in which she’s seen inside a bucket, displayed along with her brother Fahad.

Rahma, from Kano, northern Nigeria, appeared to be a healthy baby, but she was born with a mystery condition which meant her body stopped developing, even though her head grew to the size of a normal teenager’s.

The teen lived with her family in the village of Lahadin Makole, close to Kano in Nigeria.

She was unable to do basic tasks such as walking, crawling or even handling most items. Because of excessive pain in her extremities, she had to remain inside a plastic bucket.

Shortly after the photo went viral, an anonymous person donated a wheelchair to ease her transport.

Her parents affirmed having spent about 1 million naira in treatment (US$2,737.89), however any advancement in her disease proved ineffective results.

She sadly died on Sunday 25th of December 2016. For much of her life Rahma’s family would carry her in her bowl, with her brother Fahad taking her into Kano each day to beg for handouts.