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Man narrates what happened to his friend who betrayed him saying Jesus Christ was his best friend



A Nigerian Twitter user took to the popular social network to narrate what happened between himself and his supposed best friend years ago..

The Nigerian man who on Twitter goes by the display ID, @Chizytelu to the platform to reply to a tweet which asked if one is genuinely their best friend’s friend.

Chizytelu replied to the tweet saying:

“In JSS 2, they made us write an essay about our best friends. I wrote about my pal who was in the same class, we had been friends since primary school, I read it in front of the class. His turn came, and he said his best friend was Jesus Christ.

I didn’t talk to him for a year, even though our morning portions were side by side. He was dead to me until Lenten season the next year.”

At that point, he felt betrayed but right now, according to Chizytelu, it looks like indeed Jesus was and is still his best friend.

The Twitter user took to Twitter again to give an update on what he posted as far back as 2019 yesterday.

Chizytelu gave an update revealing his friend had now gone on to become a priest.

He wrote:

“Ran into him today on the ward, he’s a priest now. I guess Jesus really is his best friend. 😅”

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