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“I Am 14 Years Old And I Want To Settle Down, My Family Says I Am Too Young” (Details below)



Some of us want to settle down at a young age, while some of us want to settle down at an older time in our lives it doesnt really matter as long as we eventually do it.

Nonetheless people view the idea of settling down like something that is complicated and doesnt really work all the times.

Which is in my opinion not entirely true, we cannot judge a person for wanting to settle down. Whether family or not.

This is the instance of a lady who tweeted that she is 14 years old in age and she wants to settle down but her family says she is too young for that.

She even seemed to be crying in the post, most probably proving to us that it is something that she wants the most hence she is emotional about it.

But we can never really tell why her family says she is too young, maybe they want something better for her. I know as a person i would want better for my young child and not to settle down at a young age.

What advice would you give this person?