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Haha! See How IPOB Members Beat Up A Nigerian Soldier, For Tearing Down The Poster Of The Ban On Anti- Grazing In Enugu State


on is about to give you an interesting and fascinating breaking news, that will shock you to your nerves. Below is what happened between Abakpa Nike Boys and a soldier after tearing down the poster of the ban on anti- grazing in Enugu state.

Here is the report we got from a very reliable source.

Nigeria government should know, the game is over for them. Yesterday in Enugu state, Abakpa to be precise, a Fulani janjaweed soldier dared the Indigenous people of Biafra IPOB by tearing down posters pasted for the 14 days ultimatum given to the Fulani herdsmen to stop open grazing in our land. He was beaten black and blue.

When the massage of how the soldiers were beaten by the youth got to 82 Division Nigeria Army Enugu state, 3 Hilux filled with Nigerian zoo armies to begin their normal evil act; which is firing at innocent citizens but what they met was the opposite.

The Nigerian zoo soldiers arrived at the scene in Enugu state, only to meet Enugu boys with 2 by 2 and have already mounted road blocks waiting for them (the Nigerian zoo soldiers) to act anything funny.

The Nigerian zoo soldiers reversed immediately and left. This land will never suck our blood again but that of our enemies. Enugu no dey carry last. Up Mazi Nnamdi Kanu #ESN #WEMOVE.

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It is now clear that the Nigerian zoo soldiers have started learning what is on board, they knew what could have happened, because if they had attacked those boys, the ghost men (i. e the eastern security network ESN) will surly visit them and they know the repercussions that follow. No wonder they decided to go back to their barrack.

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