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Finally! ! ! The Two Girls Who Sent Assassins To kill Their Parents Have Been Sentenced To Death



The judgment finally is a well deserved judgment that was given to this two heartless girls who sent assassins to kill their rich parents all in the name of money.

The crime that was commited by this two girls was a very serious crime that got so many people talking..

Two young girls in Enugu which names was withheld allegedly sent assassins to kidnap and murder their biological parents with the intentions of forcefully inheriting their property, what a wicked world! !

According to series of reports that was gathered the Enugu State Police Commander said, the girls have been arrested by the Enugu state police command after they were reported by their family members for killing their parents

He said in the cause of investigation, the police discovered that the kidnap and assassination of a popular rich man was all planed by his children because of selfishness

The two girls after series of investigations and interrogations confessed of sending the assassins to kill their parents out of selfishness because they wanted to embezzle the parents’ wealth quick.

According to reports the parents of these young girls where very rich and famous with so much wealth tie to their name, there is no reason whatsoever for this girl’ s to kill their parents because finally all the wealth would have been allocated to them.

During interrogations One of the two girls said that her main reasons for killing her father was because her dad never cared for them but has the money to spend on women outside she said that their father was a very rich man but has never bought them clothes. She claimed the father was a very wicked and stingy man that’ s why they planned to kill him so they inherit his wealth.

They high Court sitting in Enugu on the 27th of January 2020 after hearing all the charges read against this tow young girls admitted them of committing murder which is against the constitution, the presiding judge sentenced the two girls to death by hanging.

In Nigeria here is not always about sentencing someone to death but the time the state governor will be available to sign the death warrant.

The judgment according to people was a well deserved judgment.

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