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Drama As Two Madam Teachers Fight Over A Deputy Principal (Details below)



Drama happened in Machakos as two Madam teachers fight over their deputy principal. According to the report the deputy principal has been secretly in relationship with the two without their knowledge. The fight is said to have started at yesterday at around 11am within the school well.

As per the report the fight started during break time in the presence of their students. Rose who was currently transferred to that school said that the other madam attacked her badly. I had gone to the school well to wash chalk dust that is when she attacked me, madam Rose laments.

Rose is a new female teacher who got transferred to this recently. And the one who attacked her is a bonafide teacher, who has stayed in that school for a long time. Therefore the other teacher claim that the new teacher has snatched her the deputy principal.

It has not yet established whether the deputy principal and the bonafide teacher are couples. Since she was spotted saying the following.

‘Chezea Wengine Lakini si Mume Wangu’ …Usidhani nakuogopa umekuja hapa kunikorogea penzi langu.

Translated as follows. You are here snatching my lovely husband in may presence. I don’t fear you. Your main aim is to distrup our relationship with him.

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