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Do Not Eat These Food if You Are A Christian, it is a Sin (Details below)



Although Christianity doesn’ t specify many things as Forbidden, there are some things we are not allowed to eat as christians. For example Leviticus 7: 23 states that it is forbidden to eat the fat of animals such as cattle and sheep. Although because this is part of the Old Testament purity code it is often ignored, it is still a good idea to follow it. Animal fat is horrifically unhealthy. Here are some foods you should avoid as a Christian.

1. Bats

In Leviticus 11 there is a list of what animals are considered clean and unclean. Certain sea creatures are said to be forbidden, such as crustacean, as are certain land animals, like pigs. Leviticus 11 makes it a point to list which birds should not be eaten by the Israelites. And at the end of that list are bats. While it is off limits to eat according to the bible, the health implications are also a good reason to avoid eating bats.

Bats are excellent vectors, animals that carry diseases, and those diseases can become lodged in bat flesh.

People in Guam, for example, developed a neurological disease known as Lytico- Bodig disease or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis- parkinsonism- dementia (ALS- PDC). The disease is as frightening as its massive name. Contracted by eating fruit bats, ALS- PDC is a twisted mixture of ALS, Parkinson’ s disease and Alzheimer’ s disease, and it was a leading cause of death among the Chamorro people in Guam for more than a decade. So many viruses are present in their system so eating such is dangerous for the health.

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Leviticus states that people can only eat various species of insects but not everything ” locust, katydid, cricket or grasshopper. ”

Many insects and arachnids contain poisons that are toxic to humans. They are also excellent carriers of disease. While some may simply find eating creepy crawlies unpalatable.


Like bats, vultures are not something that most Christians would ever consider eating. In the bible They are large, associated with death and often painfully ugly.

Vultures survive by eating rotting meat. This leaves them absolutely covered in bacteria. Vultures themselves are largely immune to the bacteria they consume, but this is not the case for whatever eats them. In fact, almost nothing will eat a dead vulture, including other vultures.


The Old Testament is filled with injunctions against consuming blood. There are various spiritual reasons that consumption of blood is forbidden, it may also be a food that it is better to avoid for health reasons. Blood are carriers of many viruses and bacterias so consuming it is very unhealthy.

Fishes without fin or scales.

Although most christians avoid eating These food, there are still some who do and eating These Foods are not only wrong biblically, there are also very unhealthy for the body.

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