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After A Fulani Settlement Was Burnt In Ogun State, See Two Things I Noticed That Made Me Sad (Details below)



Recently, it was accounted for that a Fulani settlement in Igua territory of Yewa North, Ogun State was destroy and burnt to ashes by some angry adolescents after Sunday Igboho visited the local area.

Sunday Igboho had on Monday visited the Yewa hub of Ogun State, saying he was there to save the Yorubas from fulani herdmens who were threatening the zone.

It is very stunning that a few adolescents can bring law into their hands by annihilating the settlement of guiltless individuals.

Regardless of the way that the Fulani settlement was burned to the ground, there are a few things I saw from the photos that made me truly miserable.

At the point when I zoomed one of the photos, I saw there was a bike which was burnt to the point of being indistinguishable.

On the off chance that you’ re not mindful, a Fulani settlement isn’ t only for herders alone. They are a few Fulanis who repair shoes and ride bikes just to make money. That okada could be somebody kind of revenue yet it’ s has been annihilated. This is mischievousness!

I additionally saw that their was a consumed generator amidst the remnants. This is an obvious sign that the individuals living here were not simply herders. They were quiet Fulanis however some obscure men have turned them homeless.

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There is need for brisk examination in order to carry the offenders to book. It is very miserable to see the sanctuary of guiltless individuals crushed for no reasons.

The individuals behind this fiendish demonstration are searching for slaughter, war and reprisal from northerners yet I supplicate they don’ t get what they are searching for.

I pray that the culprits behind the burning of the Fulani herdmens settlement be arrested and face the full wrath of the law.

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