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“Why Dating Sugar Daddies Is A Very Risky” – Ijeoma Thomas



Nigerian actress, Ijeoma Thomas, has sent out advice to her fellow women regarding a relationship with married women..

She voiced out her experiences amid an interview and gave out reasons why it’s not advisable to date married men. To her, dating sugar daddies is risky as it would put one’s life in danger. According to her, some women go the extra mile to hire assassins to kill the side chicks of their husbands.

Ijeoma indicated that this is to help them maintain their relationship and to avoid their husband from being snatched away. However, her advice to women is for them to be wise enough in dealing with sugar daddies of they love their lives.

Her words read:

“My advice to those doing it is for them to be extremely wise. They should just be careful for them not to be caught by their wives because some women are very deadly.

They are ready to pour acid on you and even ready to hire an assassin for the person, meaning they can kill for their husband so that is why I said to be extremely careful,”