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Una Kill My Pikin – Young Couple Cry Out And Blame Hospital For The Lost Of Their 2 Month Old Baby (Video below)



According to him, “We wake-up on Wednesday morning and my wife say our baby nor dey eat well again so we carry her go hospital, di doctor examined her and said she was ok but let us run a blood test to confirm if there was an infection.

Watch video below:

Shortly after they took blood from her, my daughter cried for two-hours nonstop. We called the attention of the doctor and they rushed her to the ER and placed her on oxygen.

She was responding very well not until on Friday, the doctor came in and asked my wife to breastfeed her because she was stable for breastfeeding, after breastfeeding her, my baby started crying and my wife ran to the nurses to please come check our daughter but instead they sent her away, telling her she disturb too much.

My wife begged them with tears that please she’s not understanding her daughter but they neglected her, it was after the baby gave up that my wife started crying that they came to check her but by this time she was far gone already.”

Mourning the baby, Imbul wrote;

“Oh my Zoe we had plans together, never knew this was our last picture oh no just look at my two month heathy looking baby, my bundle of joy.”

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