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This Yam Was Not Harvested in the North Checkout the Region Where it Was Harvested (Details below)



Is not only the northern part of Nigeria or the middle belt that have a fertile land but almost the states of the federation is endowed with fertile land. Recently, Igbo people from the eastern region can now cultivate onions, cucumber, watermelon, groundnut etc in their land and during harvesting period you see them marvelled at the rate of what their land has blessed them with.

Formally their ideology is that only northerners have the type of soil where all the above mentioned would do well/bear much fruit unlike theirs, but today such ideology has been overcome as they tried this word out, “A try will convince you”.

What am I trying to insinuate is that this huge yam harvest we are stirring at was harvested in my locality, Mbaise land in Imo State, a rare sumptuous harvest. It was harvested few days ago after it was mistakenly abandon during harvesting period of 2020 with the help of it fresh mouth that erupted out.

You could see how overwhelmed and joyous the harvesters looked, that’s to tell us that is a rare harvest compare with others. You could also see the level of the land dug before it could come out without any of it seed break or mistakenly cut with shovel. This is a seed of yam that was cultivated during farming season and that seed of yam has today brought fourth many others, both small and big ones.

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Indeed all our lands, no matter our differences are fertile in it special way, if Mbaise of all people could harvest this in their land, you too you can, “never say never” because with God by your side all things are possible. Aren’t this harvest deserve a woah?