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‘There Is Creativity In Nigeria’ Meet The Nigerian Man Who Built A Helicopter For The Nigerian Army



Nigeria is blessed with talented youths. We have heard about certain Nigerians who built helicopters, cars, drones and some other technologies with the materials they have around them. This is Creativity! If these people can get the right support from the Nigerian government, they are capable of getting much better with their creativity skill.

Considering some developed countries such as China, Japan and USA, they make the world more civilized and make works easier through their improvements in technology. They never joke with the creativity skills in their youths and young adults. Whenever they discover any innate ability in a child, they help the child to develop it by supporting them with whatever they need.

Unfortunately, things are different in Nigeria. We discourage youths with special abilities and they end up giving up on their skills. The few successful ones are the ones that travel abroad to where their skills would be appreciated. After getting trained by foreigners, Do we still expect them to return to Nigeria? They sometimes even prefer being citizens of the foreign countries to being a Nigerian.