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“Stop Asking If I’m Still Single, Just Try Your Best” – Curvy Lady Tells Men (Photos)



Curvy ladies tend to appear more attractive to men, they usually make heads turn whenever they pass by, and in most cases, they enjoy the attention..

Most men often wish to know the relationship status of any beautiful lady they come across, so they do have a common question which they normally use to approach the ladies. Meanwhile, some ladies don’t like it or feel comfortable when men shoot their first shot by asking them about their relationship status. They preferred men who go straight to the point and hit the nail on the head.

A beautiful Nigerian lady shared some stunning photos of herself on Twitter, she seems to fall under the category of the ladies who don’t like it when men demand to know their relationship status. However, she told men to stop asking her if she is still single rather, they should just go straight to the point.

“Stop asking me if am still single, just go straight to the point, my DM is open,” she wrote.