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She Thought She Was Carrying Twins; Then The Doctor Took A Closer Look And Saw Something Different



Children are special gifts brought into the world to bring happiness to their parents and Lauren and David Perkins, a Texas based couple, constantly desired to have one. Lauren tried for many years but simply couldn’t conceive, she sought helps from different doctors, but to no avail.

They then decided to accept their fate. Just as they both went to Nicaragua to spend the holiday, at some stage in their time in Nicaragua, they came across a positive priest. They disclosed their troubles to the priest and he clearly stated that there is someone who has massive plans for them and one thing he knows is that it’s going to be large.

Lauren didn’t even pay much attention to what the priest prophesied, rather she just took it as the priest’s manner of compensating her with words. Little did she know that the Almighty God actually had huge plans for her.

Later, they got back from their vacation and decided to do synthetic insemination, which is a simple method of assisted fertilisation. Although, Lauren had misplaced desire and declared herself barren and even believed it wouldn’t work, but it did. Finally, Lauren got pregnant.

She went for checkup and the physician told that her hcg tiers had become very high; meaning that she was sporting multiple infant. She and David were super happy, they thought they were having twins.

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The health practitioner did the ultrasound and discovered that 6 babies have been developing in her. Wow! What a miracle. She’s been barren all her existence and all of a sudden 6 toddlers. I guess the priest was right.

However, she was told it was going to be first – rate if she took out one of the toddlers inorder to create room for others to broaden nicely, but she declined the concept and stored all 6 babies.

On the day of shipping April 23, 2012, Lauren was already in week 30 of her pregnancy and her infants were brought upfront. A total of 35 humans assisted inside the shipping technique which took only 4 minutes.

After she spent weeks of medical care inside the health center, the babies were ready to be discharged except for one child, who didn’t broaden properly in the womb because there wasn’t sufficient area.

Aside that, the 6 children are all healthy and named Andrew Noah, Benjamin Luke, Leah Michelle, Caroline Grace, Allison Kate and Levi Thomas.

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