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RIGHT OR WRONG: Pregnant Woman Causes Stir On Internet As She Bisect Her Leg; Leaves People Talking (Video below)


on has seen a viral video making rounds on social media that left many in shock as a heavily pregnant young lady was seen practicing yoga.
In the video, one could see the lady’s head down while his legs up.

The video upon hitting online attracted mixed reaction from social media users having many talking unceasingly.

It is undeniable fact, during pregnancy, women get a lot of advice from everyone for what to eat, what to drink, and what are things that they could do, which would be good for their child.

Women are often confused about what to do and what to do during that time and like every other thing in life, pregnancy also follows the rule of ‘to each one their own’.

The unidentified woman beat the odds to show different kinds of yoga positions on the roof of her building without the aid of an instructor or health officer.

Her actions drew the attention of millions of netizens who shared their views on her actions. The surprise ending of the yoga pose will dumbfound even the most seasoned mystery reader.

Watch the video below;