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“People Only Love You As Far As They Can Use You” – Uche Ogbodo Speaks On Friendship



Uche Ogbodo has made some shocking revelations about loyalty and love shown by our close associates.

In a post sighted, she indicated that one can be love based on what the other person achieves from it. To him, the chances of being accepted wholeheartedly are influenced by what one can give. According to her, the real loyalty in a relationship ends when the bene end..

Considering her assertions in real life, there are some people who have become opportunists. They move into relationships and show real care depending on what they get. As soon as their benefits start to drop from their real expectations, things start to fall apart.

Her words read:

Some people would only love you as far as they can use you. Their loyalty ends where their benefits stop. Uche Ogbodo has been in the system after she was lambasted for flaunting her naked pictures on social media

See screenshot below: