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Nigerian man shocked as his son didn’t cry on 1st day in school, here’s what little boy did that got many talking (Video below)



A heartwarming video was shared on social media in which a little boy could be seen dancing on his first day in school even when his father expected him to cry.

In the video, a song heralded the little boy into the school premises and he wasted no time to dance to it while his father watched in shock
Social media users were not surprised that the little boy didn’t cry as they pointed out that he loved the environment he found himself

A Nigerian man with the Twitter handle @odenibo has shared a heartwarming video of his son’s first day in school on the social media platform and expressed shock that instead of crying, the little boy was happy to resume school.

The boy, who wore a shirt and knicker with a long tie, danced to a song that welcomed him into the premises as his father watched in amazement.

Little man surprised dad as he danced on his first day in school instead of crying. Photo credit: @odenibo

Captioning the video, @odenibo wrote:

“Day 1 of school. Pikin no wan cry.”

Little kids are fond of crying on their first day in school, reason why @odenibo was surprised that his son didn’t follow the trend.

Social media users flooded the comment section of the post and explained why the little man didn’t cry.

Tweep with the handle @Kepler_banks commented:

“Can’t you hear music? Baba sef dey dance. During our time, the sounds of one student crying following some proper lashing was enough to stimulate the tears.”Reacting to @Kepler_’s comment, @_Kelvinee_wrote:

“Swear this was the reason children cried a lot back then on their first day, schools felt and looked like prisons. Grey walls, sounds of lashing and children crying at every corner, why I no go cry??”@Easerael_tweet reacted:

“When school sef set with nice music playing on the background unlike those school wey we go during our own time.”In a previous report by , two adorable little boys went viral for dancing to Master KG and Nomcebo’s hit song – Jerusalema.

The 58-second clip starts with a boy in a blue long sleeve t-shirt dancing on his own before he is joined by a friend in red.

The two boys show off their amazing synchronisation and dance skills with each having a solo at different times. At the 30-second mark a third boy, with a white t-shirt, joins in but does not stay for too long.