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Insecticide Spray Cover Pull Out of V@g¡na of a Lady Who Was Using it to M@sturbate (Video below)



The atmosphere on the internet took a different turn after a video of a lady crying hits online. The lady is heard crying like a baby who got hurt.

Indeed, per the video, she was hurt and taken to the hospital for help, which resulted in her uncontrollable outcry.

The video upon hitting the internet met with mixed reactions from social media users, having many wagging their tongues in dismay.

Torturing moment an insecticide spray can cover was forced out of the toto of a Nigerian lady has gone viral on social media.

It was reported that the insecticide cover got stuck in the lady’s toto while she was m@sturbat¡ng with it.

The lady was heard screaming in pain as the cover was forced out of her lady’s bit.

This has attracted many comments with some persons share their thoughts in disappointment.

Watch the video below:

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