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If Your Phone Falls Inside Water, Don’t Put It Under The Sun Rather Here Is What To Do (Details below)



I think this our cellular phone has one thing in it that changes our mood whenever something happens to it either it fell in the water or it got taken. The mood swings are extremely inevitable as one would really feel terribly bad at the time of the incident.

Well, In this article we are going to be looking at what to do whenever our phone falls in water either accidentally or unwittingly because I’ m once a victim of this, thus I decided to share this tiny info with you all.

On a fateful day, my mobile phone fell in water erroneously while I was fetching water, I didn’ t only feel bad, I also felt unhappy as well but fortunately, I got this tip from somebody who urges me not to sundry it instead I should rather follow this steps below.

Actually, several people are fond of sun- drying their phone once it falls inside water or maybe placed it besides light bulb in other to make the water in the phone dry up, but the disadvantage about using this method is that it can also cause another harm to the phone.

Below are the following steps you should take when your phone falls inside the water;

Step 1: After the phone fall in the water, do not panic simply form a grain- filled container, this can be done by simply pouring grains like rice, maize, or cassava flakes (garri) into a bowl.

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Step 2: Well, after finishing the primary step above, please make sure you take away the battery, SIM cards, and memory card. it’ s extremely necessary unless the battery is inbuilt, then you can just leave it like that.

Step 3: In this step, you just have to shake the phone so some water inside the phone can leave.

Step 4: Lastly, dip the phone into the grain- filled bowl and leave it to last for about 3 hours. This will entirely absorb all the little water molecules in the phone.

Note: Once the phone fall in the water, be fast to switch it off and don’ t try to turn it on or even use it.