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Get Papaya Leaves And Don’t Boil; Squeeze The Juice To Cure This Disease (Details below)



Fresh papaya leaf juice contains essential compounds like papain and carocain that boost the platelet count and reduce infection during dengue fever. The juice of papaya leaves! Although this sounds too good to be true, many studies have shown positive results to counteract dengue fever.

As a reminder, dengue is transmitted by the mosquito Aedes, a species that does not come from Costa Rica but is present at this time. Dengue fever is like a very strong flu (fever accompanied by headaches, muscle aches, joint pain and rashes on the body) and is often due to a bite of mosquito at the ankles.

There are still 4 phases of Dengue ending with the last phase on haemorrhagic fevers that can be fatal and obviously requires hospitalization.

Traditionally, papaya leaf juice was used in the treatment of fever caused by dengue fever. Recently, tests with papaya leaf juice have been carried out in India on patients affected by dengue, a clear increase in platelets was observed in 24 hours, and a significant improvement in the health status of these patients at the same time.

The same researchers show that papaya leaves have powerful properties that help fight against malaria and cancer. According to a study conducted by American and Japanese researchers, no toxic effect is known from the papaya leaf and its consumption has no side effects either. Some American doctors have even started recommending papaya leaf tea as part of chemotherapy.

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How to make papaya leaf juice:

Importantly, it is necessary that the leaf is raw, do not boil it.

Pick up your papaya leaves, remove the fibrous and thick parts as well as the stems of your leaves. Press or crush the leaves and put them in a filter to keep only the juice. A papaya leaf produces about a tablespoon. 2 tablespoons of papaya leaf juice 3 times a day are the doses recommended by these researchers.