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General Sani Abacha Is Not Dead, See Proof (Details below)



It’ s been 23 years after the death of the military dictator, General Sani Abacha was announced.

The military head of state was said to have ruled Africa’ s most populous black nation with iron fist.

Stories of Abuse of power and negligence of the rule of law trailed the government of the dictator for 5 years.

The major victims of his human rights abuses were Journalists, Pressure groups, Trade union activists, students Union and human rights activists.

Majority of people ranging from lawyers, politicians, military officers, Police officers, Students, Journalists and opposition leaders were either imprisoned, brutalized or murdered in cold blood during the regime of the dictator.

It’ s been 23 years after the era of Sani Abacha but his memory is still fresh in the heart of Nigerians even the sitting president of the country in one of his speeches lauded the dictator for his gigantic strides during his regime in terms of infrastructural, medical and educational developments.

Sani Abacha first came into the mouth of Nigerians during the first military coup in Lagos, Nigeria which ousted out the government of Shehu Shagari in 1983 and General Buhari took over as the head of state.

General Sani Abacha played a vital role in the coup that removed general Muhammad Buhari as the head of state which Ibrahim Babangida took over as head of state.

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General Ibrahim Babangida rewarded Sani Abacha for his support by promoting him to the rank of a Major general.

After Shonekan resigned in 1993 and Sani Abacha took over which the general in a nation wide broadcast told Nigerians that his government is ‘ ‘ a child of circumstance’ ‘ .

In November 10, 1995, Abacha sentenced to death by hanging, a famous ogoni writer and environmental activists, Ken Saro- Wiwa with 8 other leaders from ogoni.

This killing was said to be a reaction of the military dictator over the murder of 4 ogoni leaders by Saro- Wiwa and his cohorts.

The military dictator who looted the nation’ s treasury dry is still remembered by Nigerians and said to be alive following many of his loots recovered by the Nigerian government even 23 years after his era ended.

It can be recalled that the Obasanjo’ s government on May, 2002 announced the recovery of 2 billion US dollars which was said to be part of the looted funds returned by the dictator’ s family.

The then minister of finance, Ngozi Okonjo iweala announced that Nigeria has recovered 145 million dollars of Abacha’ s loot from Jersey island in November 2003.

The minister made another announcement in a conference in Switzerland that on September 2005 that 458 million US dollars has been recovered in cash and 2 billion dollars recovered in asset as part of Sani’ s loot.

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In 2007, the then finance minister, Nedadi Usman announced that 2. 8 billion dollars recovered as the dictator’ s loots was handed over to the ministries of Power, works, health and education to be used for projects and developmental purposes.

In June 2004, the government of Lichtenstein announced the return of 224 million dollars loots of the dictator to the Nigerian government while the US department of justice made public the refund of 480 million dollars on August 7, 2014 to the Nigerian government.

In 2016, Switzerland government made known publicly that they have returned 745 million dollars to Nigerian government as part of Abacha’ s loot while in 2020, Nigerian government announced that they have received 345 million dollars from the government of Switzerland as part of Abacha’ s loot.

But sadly, the level of development and infrastructures witnessed by citizens of Nigeria is far below the amount of money received from the the dictator’ s loot by the government.

The various refunds and recovery of loots of the late military dictator, 23 years after his demise is the reason Nigerians keep saying the dictator is still alive in their hearts.