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Drunk in Love – Two L0vers Drink Each Other’s Bl00d As Love Convenant (Video below)



We usually see this in movies and often laugh over it while wondering if people still do this. Sh0ckingly, yes people still do this thing, all in the name of love.

Two love birds are trending online for the right reasons, yes love.

They couldn’t wait till February and valentines’ day to express their love for each other, so they decided to take a bl00d oat, or should I say bl00d convenant, and they made it public for the world to see.

These two love birds recorded themselves live s*ck!ng each other’s blood as a form of blood covenant for their love.

They basically cut themselves with a razard blade and then s*ck each other’s blood. We thought it was only teenagers who do these kinds of stuff but we were wrong.

These are two grown-up adults behaving like teenagers.

Apparently, the guy brought the idea because he wanted to be sure the lady won’t cheat on him.

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