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Deepest Revelations About (666) Mark Of The Beast You Probably Didn’t Know Inwhich Bible Will Explain More (Details below)



Cyber Security professional and CEO Dr. Charles Awuzie has taken to his Facebook web page to percentage what he describes as deep revelations approximately the 666 Mark of the Beast.

In order now no longer to distort the originality of his thoughts, I actually have opted to percentage it verbatim with my esteemed readers.

For me, I suppose that is an exciting piece really well worth digesting. Hear him. . . 👇👇👇

This is is the private Revelation you’ ll ever study at the MARK OF THE BEAST. . . . I BET YOU.

Please examine this soberly and with an open thoughts.

Instruction: Please study Revelation thirteen: 1- quit and Revelation 17: 7- 18 BEFORE YOU CONTINUE READING THIS POST. If you do not comply with this instruction, you’ ll pass over the factors raised here.

Only keep studying after you’ ve got studied the above scriptures. . . . . . . Don’ t leap the process. . . . . . That’ s corruption of the thoughts. . . .

Welcome back. . . . Now let’ s take a look at this deep reality together.

The mark of the beast isn’ t always a bodily mark, it’ s far a BELIEF SYSTEM (identification/mark) which everybody will align to of their MINDS (forehead).

A mark is a way of identification. . . A organization of humans are diagnosed through their tradition and notion device. The word ” Mark of the Beast” is figurative, now no longer literal. . . There will in no way be a time whilst a mark may be planted into the frame of all and sundry of us. . . Never. The Beast is smarter than that. Our fathers, mothers, ancestors failed to undergo any inscription of 666 on their foreheads however we realize that during their generation, lots of them unknowingly fell for the Beast.

To apprehend the Mark of the Beast, You want to recognize who and what the beast is. . . . Actually the beast isn’ t always singular. . . They are plural.

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Revelation thirteen exposes 2 beasts. . . . The first beast got here from the ocean in verse One of the passage. . The 2nd beast got here from the earth in Revelation thirteen: 11. The Beast with the mark of 666 is the only that got here from the earth as it represents MAN. . . however the 2d beast is handiest a puppet to the primary beast. . . People are scared of the second one beast with out knowing that the second one beast is most effective a servant of the primary beast. Read your Bible so that you can prevent being fearful of 666 that’ s handiest a servant to the primary beast.

So who’ s the primary beast?

I adore it while the Bible explains itself.

Revelation 17: 7- 18 explains the importance of the primary beast and its horns. The horns represents 10 Political Rulers which represents the Political Realm and Political Authority. So the primary beast isn’ t always a person BUT a SYSTEM.

The SECOND- 2nd- Beast has three primary traits:

1) He WORKS Miracles and contact hearthplace down from heaven- Revelation thirteen: thirteen

2) He Deceives- manipulates notion systems. Revelation thirteen: 14

three) He forces human beings to worship him- Revelation thirteen: 15b

The 3 traits above Match the identification of False Prophets.

False prophets Work Miracles and contact hearthplace down from heaven.

False prophets Deceive human beings through manipulating their perception machine.

False prophets make their fans to worship them. I need you to consider the picture of humans kneeling down earlier than their prophet.

So the second one beast is a fake prophet running withinside the realm of Religion.

Bill Gates would not fall into the class of the second one Beast due to the fact Bill Gates does not carry out Miracles, name down hearthplace from heaven or solicit worship from humans. Obama isn’ t additionally the Anti- Christ. When you’ re informed, you might not be deceived.

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The Second beasts are the fake prophets. . . . They are giving hundreds of thousands of humans the mark of the beast that’ s the perception machine of the primary beast. . . The notion gadget of the primary beast is materialism, whoredom and strugglefare towards The Finished Work of Christ. Read Revelation 17: 7- 18 again.

The Vaccines towards Covid- 19 don’ t have anything to do with the mark of the beast. . . . There are many atheists who might not acquire the vaccine but they may be bearing the mark of the beast of their notion systems. . . There also are many Saints who will obtain the vaccines and that does not imply they obtained the mark of the beast due to the fact their perception device is rooted withinside the Finished Work of Christ.

I do not know what they taught you approximately the mark of the beast and the range that’ s 666 however I need you to unload the ones junks and practice your thoughts to wisdom.

The 2d beast best bears the quantity 666 due to the fact it’ s far a Human Being. Humans are created at the sixth day and God rested at the seventh day. So whenever 6 is mentioned, it represents the advent of guy and the truth of guy. So 666 is an IDENTITY or Belief gadget wherein guy relies upon on fellow Man and now no longer on God. This is visible the various fake prophetic motion wherein humans worship and rely on their prophets and now no longer God. This perception machine or lifestyle of relying on prophets is Against Christ that’ s Anti- Christ.