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Crazy Or Not! Check Out The Weird Meats Africans Eat That Are Very Dangerous To Their Health



It is true that you personally maybe used to just chicken and fish but in most part of Africa, lots of people eat so many different kinds of meats which can be very dangerous to their well- being. In countries like Nigeria, people can be very adventurous with their selection of meat. Most people are very used to buying most of these meats from roadsides.

Here are 13 most Unconventional foods that Africans eat:

Cow Brain:

Most people especially in places like Nigeria do not joke with this delicacy. It is usually eaten in joints in most part of the Ibo tribe of Nigeria. It is usually called ‘ Isiewu or Nkwobi’ . You hardly can get an Ibo man who hasn’ t tasted Nkwobi in his life. It is usually prepared with utazi leaves and best enjoyed with fresh palm wine. Though, it is not scientifically proven to be harmful to the body but most people do not eat it because they belive it’ s unhealthy.

Dog Meat:

In Africa, dog meat is very common. Lots of people can’ t do without it. They are usually sold at road sides. In some tribes, it is forbidden for a female to eat dog meats whereas in other tribes it is believed to be nutritious and healthy for the body. Domestic dog are hygienic and can still be of health benefits but wild dogs are not as they eat human flesh and excrete.


In Nigeria, frogs are eaten and even sold in the markets. During dry seasons, frogs are usually seen in shallow Wells filled with moulds. Nigerians harvest them and eat them inplace of meats. It is usually roasted or fried. So believe it’ s nutritious whereas others believe it’ s harmful to the body.

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Lizards in most African countries is a special medicinal meat believed to cure coughs. Lots of the Africans roast them or cook them as pepper soup for their families and visitors. Sounds strange but it’ s true. Agama lizards we’ re usually eaten during the Civil War when people then hard no food but now it is a common food.


Snakes like python is usually a thing for hunt especially in rainy season when they come out under the sun to receive some warmth from the shinning sun. Snakemongers hunt them also for sale. It is usually roasted, fried or cooked as peppersoup. Snake eaters comfirmed it tastes like roasted chicken.


Grasshoppers are hunted and eaten especially in Nigeria. It is usually caught and roasted by children.


Monkeys and apes are second cousins to humans but even at that, it is caught, roasted and eaten in Africa. The meat of monkeys are believe to be unhealthy by some Africans whereas most people do not have problems eating them.


In Nigeria, toads are eaten and even used by some local joints and restaurants to prepare soups and stews. It is usually roasted and sliced to remove their intestines. It is also sun- dried with salt or coated with seasoned flour and fried as snack.

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Termites are eaten in most parts of Africa. It is even sold in most Nigerian markets. It is usually very common in rainy seasons where they are seen circulating any source of light. It is caught, salted and fried. It is believed to be a source of some vitamins while others see it as being harmful to the body.

Palm Weavil Larvae:

Palm Weavil larvae are usually caught on cut down death palm trees. To get them, you need to cut down a palm tree, allow to get close to rottening, then, you will begin to find them in there. Mostly in Nigeria, it is arranged in brooms and roasted or even fried and eaten.


Caterpillars are small insects that eat and destroy leaves of crops. In Africa, caterpillars are caught roasted or fried and used as a side dish in some menus.


So funny as it may sound, alligators are eaten as meat especially in Asia. It is cooked as pepper soup and enjoyed with palm wine.


Horses were used during the Civil War as means of transportation but today horse meats are sold in most African markets especially Nigeria.

What other meat is common and eaten in your locality?

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