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Buhari’s Failure Responsible For Attacks On Fulani Herdsmen – Lamido



THE former governor of Jigawa State , Alhaji Sule Lamido, has said that the unfortunate hatred and attacks on Fulani (herders ) in Nigeria was as a result of the failure of President Muhammadu Buhari to govern the country well.

Lamido, who was a former Minister of Foreign Affairs, made the remark while speaking with newsmen in Kano on Thursday..

He lamented that “ Nigerians after putting in their trust in President Muhammad Buhari, a Fulani head , he has woefully failed to protect and provide good governance for them.
“ That today , Nigerians are so blindfolded on the hatred and apparent dislike of Fulani because President Buhari ’s misgovernance , forgetting that not all Fulani even voted for him or like him . ”

He added, “ You can see that myself as a Fulani, I didn ’ t vote for Buhari and our parties are completely different, but at the same time, the Yoruba in Tinubu , the Igbo in Ngige and the South – South in Ameachi, were the ones who firmly stood behind him to win the election , not even the Fulanis.

“ I expected Bola Tinubu , Rotimi Ameachi and the likes of Ngige to come out and frankly speak in protections of the Fulani because they are behind the election of Buhari who is a Fulani head and who also benefited immensely from his government not even the Herders , who are today being persecuted.

“ But their criminal silence in the face of the horrible attacks on Fulani after benefitTing jointly in the government led by a Fulani figurehead, is worrisome and something like a betrayal of trust to the President and his kinsmen, ” Lamido said .

According to him, “ Fulani Herders are very peaceful and enterprising people who pursue nature and live by the nature. They are never violent ; it is not fair because Buhari failed and all other Fulanis should be castigated .”

He said , “ Today , the northerners and the entire Fulani race are not in peace even in the North . The insecurity and the killings plus kidnappings created by the APC -led Buhari regime have affected everyone . So, to bully them and see them as Nigeria problems is adding dangerous salt to their injuries” .

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