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An Archbishop Apologizes After Being Caught In Unholy Act, Look At What He Said (Details below)



I can’ t even imagine how so called men of God or pastors behave this days. The man we are talking about here is Archbishop Stanley Ntagali who is married. It appears he couldn’ t withstand the enticements of the satan and he gave in to sin with the aid of using having further marital affairs with another person’ s wife in Uganda.

He became accused of the act and he acknowledged that he’ s guilty.

The most Rev. Stephen Samuel Kazlimba has handed suspension letter to Archbishop Stanley Ntagali.

So Archbishop Stanley Ntagali came out openly to admit his sinful act and has apologize to God and the body of Christ which is the Church.

He made official statement in his Twitter account. He said thus, ” I will like to apologise for my actions as we all know we live in bodies that are prone to sin but as the bible teaches forgiveness, it is in these trying times that we ( church of Uganda) must walk the talk”.

He additionally delivered that he apologizes to his family, the church of Uganda, the entire christian fraternity and most significantly repent to the maximum, that Nothing can be done on account for or take away this but the blood of Jesus Christ.

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I’ m sorry Uganda

Forgive me God”

See the screenshot below:

This is commendable to him as a man of God. No body is above temptations. To err is human but forgive is divine. If he is sincere sorry for the acts, he is already forgiven by God. I suggest that Church of Uganda should give him momentary suspension and forgive him.

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