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Wife Stabs Husband on the Neck with Scissors During a Fight, just 3 Months After Marriage in Sapele (Details below)



Today’s article is all about a husband and his wife who got involved in an argument which leads to fighting and the wife stabs the husband with scissors on the neck and hand in Sapele Delta State.

According to sources and information gathered, they were a newly wedded couple, they did their wedding just 3 months back. What leads to their argument was that the husband told his wife who is a tailor and owns a tailoring shop, to be closing from her shop early, at least 6:30 pm is okay, due to the unrest in the town.

See photos from their wedding and their marriage which took place in September this year below.

After the husband has passed this order to his wife in a peaceful way, the wife on the other hand keeps coming home late from the shop. On a faithful evening, the wife came home late so the husband was angered and questioned the wife, this leads to quarreling and they fought each other. The next morning the wife woke up at around 4 AM and told the husband she wants to leave for her sister’s place.

According to a Facebook page known as Sapele Oghenek, who shared this story on their page on Facebook, due to the way the environment they are staying in is, the husband told her to stay till everywhere gets bright for her to leave but the wife insisted she must leave at that time, so this lead to a serious argument again and it results to fight.

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See post below.

The wife picked up scissors and stabbed the husband on the neck and also stabbed him on his hand, and she ran out of the house when the husband fell on the ground.

According to their neighbors, the couple always had issues, they always fight and the wife always injures the husband, and they have had issues more than 5 times during these 3 months of marriage.

It was gathered that the husband went to meet her in her tailoring the next day after this incident and he found her there, the husband narrated the whole thing to the people around the shop, the people started questioning the wife, why would she do such a thing to her husband but she keeps saying, she was trying to defend herself with the scissors but she didn’t know how it happened.

My own opinion.

Couples need to understand themselves, if you don’t understand a woman or a man, don’t just rush into marrying him or her. Take time to study yourselves, to know if you both are compatible to be with each other if you are not compatible it’s simple, you can walk away, marriages not by force but by choice.

As for the wife, what she did was wrong and to me, she wasn’t submissive to the husband in any way. If there’s a reason whatsoever for her to becoming home late from work, he is your husband talk to him and make him understand.

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