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Wife Caught her Husband Sleeping With her Twin Sister, want divorce else she will kill the man (Details below)



This is a true story I’m sharing with the world and I’ve never thought or imagined my own twin sister would stoop so low to sleep with my husband.

My Twin Taye is married with a 4-year-old son, the trouble started after she came to my house to spend a few weeks after her husband traveled out of the country for a one month project and the schools are on holiday.

At first, I saw it as nothing when my husband calls her aya wa meaning my wife because that’s he calls her before we got married. To cut the story short, i got back earlier from work on a fateful day and my 7-year-old daughter told me she saw daddy and my twin sister on our bed.

I was confused at first but needed to be sure about what she told me. The following day which happens to be a Saturday I pretended as if i was going to the office, i drove out then parked at the next street thinking about how i could catch them red-handed.

So I called my daughter who owns a torchlight Nokia phone just to hear her voice, Then i asked about her dad and she told me he is in the room but the room is locked so took a bike back to the house.

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To my greatest surprise, i still met our bedroom locked, so i sat at the entrance till they finished after 20mins later, well they were both shocked to see me at the entrance. My husband has been bugging me since the incident same thing with my sister.

What should i do, should I kill her or both of them or report her to her husband, i’m confused please advise me What do you have to say about this?

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