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This Is The Man I Want, Pastor Lucy Natasha Discloses (Details below)



Prophetess Lucy Natasha of prophetic Florey latter ministries has finally revealed why she is still single.

Speaking to Betty Kyalo. She said that her Adam is still asleep waiting for the rib to be removed. She said that she is ready to wait as long as God wants.

“My Adam is probably still asleep but I will wait. The Bible in Isaiah 34: 16 says no one will miss their mate and I am not an exception. I am ready and hopefully get two kids to God’s grace. “The all smiling Natasha said.

When asked the kind of man she wants. She smiled and said, ” A God fearing man, mature, hardworking, handsome of course and also he should not be younger than me. ”

Betty did not seem quite satisfied with the answer. She went ahead and asked about the financial status of his dream.

“Am not a gold digger! If he is broke it’s okay. Kama hana gari akuje twendeshe yangu! Kama Beth Sheba I will come with my own gold. The only thing I don’t like is a lazy man. ” She said.

Natasha us one of the leading female pastors in Kenya. She has made a name for herself due to how her preaching messages are always strong.

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Her beauty is also something to behold and also she is very curvy. Her way of preaching is very unique as she seems very modernized unlike other pastors who tend to be old and don’t like worldly things.

She disclosed in a past interview that she used to be very shy and could not even speak in front of other kids. One day their pastor came and told her that she would be a pastor and after praying for her, Lucy was never the same again. She started preaching boldly and could even heal at a very render age.