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SO SAD: I Saw My Daughter Dried Like A Stock Fish in My Son’s Wardrobe After She Was Missing (Details below)



A boy came back after few months of been away from the country.

He built two houses (one flat each). One flat for himself and one for his parents. After the completion of the building (House) his parents happily packed into their new home.

Suddenly, one month after the jubilation and celebration,the boy’s younger sister got missing, they searched for her everywhere but all seems to monosemous.

They boy went as far as reporting to media , the news went viral about the missing girl. But no result.

To cut the story short.

After the boy has traveled back to his base (Location) the girl appeared to her father in a dream saying” daddy I’m here but you people are not looking for me where is the love we shared with tears in her face”.

The father woke up and ran to open his son’s house but no key, he traveled with his key.

So his father angrily break the doorstarted searching from one room to another, when he got to his son’s bed room, he searched but didn’t find anything after a moment he decided to open his wardrobe suddenly he saw his daughter the boy’s biological younger sister well dried like stock fish where his son placed her.

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Obviously the boy uses his younger sister for sacrifice.
Ever since that incident happened the boy has refused to come back.

This is a fictional story at the same time what is happening in our society today.

What is a Fictional Story? It’s a story that is not real, literature created from the imagination.

I shared this story before sometime in August, this is December, i think this is the best time to share this fictional story.
Dear parents there are levels of money your son or daughter disposes that need to be questioned.

Let’s be wise not all that glitters is Gold.