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SHOCKING: What Happened To This Lady In A Hotel Room Should Be An Eye-Opener To All Of Us (Details below)



According to the Christian Bible, cleanliness is next to godliness. Therefore if we want to come more closer to God then, we as South Africans must always tidy up everything around us.

It is worrisome that many people around the globe including here in South Africa hardly pay attention to common hygiene practices.

Some of us here in South Africa have form the habit of keeping our surroundings untidy without even considering the health implications of this practice. They are some diseases we may get from keeping our room or surroundings dirty.

This is why health practitioners all over the world and even here in South Africa always advice people against living with dirt in and around our surrounding to avoid some diseases. They also issue out advises to organisations that into hospitality to ensure the safety of their customers by keeping everywhere clean.

This was similar to what allegedly happened to a lady who was seen in a hotel battling against bedbug after waking up from sleep.

According to the alleged story, the girl had gone to the unnamed hotel with someone and they never noticed that the bed had bugs as they slept off innocently. It was later when one of them woke and saw bugs around the bed and their body, the girl’s partner had to pick his phone and snap the her as an evidence against the hotel.

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Before he could finish the picture the girl had woken in a very big surprise as she started fighting for safety against the bugs.