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See The Viral Video Of a Pastor K!sS!NG A Female Member In The Name Of Deliverance



It is so sad how people now hide under the pretence of being a man of God to engage in all sorts of immoral and indecent engagements right inside the church or the mosque.

Many religious men have to a far extent abuse what a true religious leader stands for. On several occasions, we have heard and read about several atrocities being done by fake imams and pastors thereby denting the good image of the church and mosque.

In a video that was uploaded on the Twitter social media platform , a pastor was caught during what he called a healing section kis-sing one of the female church members. The pastor claim that the kissing was part of a healing and deliverance section.
This scenario happened on the pulpit where other church members were present and were watching the pastor ki-ssing the girl.

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Should a man of God really be kissing a female church member all in the name of a healing and deliverance section???

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