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No Man Ask Us Out Because We Worship In White Garment Church (Details below)



Religion is another thing that brought discrimination in christiandon, many people believe that obeying the doctrines some men of God set they are worshipping God. And it has made them not to love one another to the fullest. And they believe if you don’t worship in their Church you are against them. I have been searching for reasons young men are scared of Marrying ladies from White Garment Church. I noticed this trend in Christianity from my early age in school days. Only God knows why it like that. The reason some men don’t hook – up or marry young women from White Garment Church might be disturbing.

Christian don’t supposed to discriminate anyone especially in terms of marriage because you don’t know who you might fall in love with. Marrying from other denominations is not a bad thing as long they teaches and follow biblical doctrines.

Jehovah Witness people don’t like marrying outside their denomination, they prefer to marry themselves.

Even some members of Pentecostal church found it difficult to marry ladies from the Cherubim and Seraphim Church also known as the White Garment Church. There was a man who wanted to marry a lady that worshipped at Cherubim and Seraphim also known as white garment church close to his house. His mother refused to give him her consent that is how the man ended up not marry the girl.

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The same thing apply to other churches, they prefer marrying themselves. This whole thought has made some christians not to love one another. The main reason is that men believe that white garment women don’t like to convert to other churches, they believe that their doctrine is the best and this have made some men who don’t believe in the same doctrine with them refused to come to ask their hand in marriage. Let the thinking be abolish we serve one God not church or pastor.