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I Eat From The Mortuary Water She Cooks With So She Can’t Be Released, Police Officer Cries Out (Details below)



The woman by name Mrs glory edet who was arrested for using mortuary water to cook for her customers is still in the police custody.

The woman was arrested after a mortuary attendance who supplies her with the water used in bathing dead people exposed her of her crimes because she was owing him huge amount of money

This woman case opened the eyes of a lot of people especially those who loves eating in the restaurant.

A police inspector by name Silas peter cried out bitterly of how he has been eating every morning from this woman food.

According to the police inspector he said he will make sure the woman is not released because he also eats everyday from the woman restaurant and she has cause a lot of harm to people.

The police inspector expressed high level of disapiontment on the woman’s case, he Cries out bitterly saying he was so shock when he heard the news of what the woman has been using to cook for people to eat.

The police inspector promised to take up the woman’s case very seriously and promised to follow up the case till the woman is charge to court.

The case of this woman was very alarming in uyo the capital of Akwaibom state, infact after hearing this woman case so many people refused to eat outside again for the where afraid that the may be still women of this type who still cook food with water gotten from the mortuary.

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When this woman was caught so many people testified the have been eating from the woman and since the first day the took this woman food the couldn’t stay back from her food.

This was a lesson to those who are always lazy to cook and for those who feel cooking in their houses is a taboo Becareful of the places you eat because not all the places are safe to eat from.

This police on hearing this cases are seeing this woman in the station cried out bitterly saying he could not believe the woman can do such he promised to follow the woman case till the end.

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