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I be Ashawo am proud of it, Though Am not yet married, I use my Ashawo work to take care of my Bills and my entire family” – Nigeria Lady boasted



Wonders shall never ceased to end this world, people now take pleasure in doing the wrong things in order to justify their actions.

There is no longer shame in doing the wrong things in the eyes of people as they now take pride in indulging in things that is formally regarded by society as shame and disgust.

A lady took to her Facebook account to announce the nature of her work that takes care of her bill and her family expenses.

She said” I am a prostitute and I’m proud of it, I used the money I get from prostitution to take care of my bills and my family expenses, though she not married yet””.

She Added that some people thought her mother was suffering and lacking basic needs of life, that her mom never lacks anything neither do her mom sells tomatoes and other frustrating food items, that her mother is living big .

what can you say to this?