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Do You Remember Actress Angela Okorie’s Son Who allegedly Died And Resurrected? See Recent Of Them (Details below)



Having a child is one of the greatest wish every woman would love to have and many of them who are really desperate to have a child can do anything to have the child and protect it. Well for the case of Nollywood actress Angela Okorie who was threaten online that she should apologize to Actress Mercy Johnson or her child will die within 7days was really a desperate one.

So for those of you who didn’t know, Actress Angela Okorie is a single mother and she will do whatever she can just to be able to take care of her and protect her son.

Well the story actually started when actress Angela Okorie accused actress Mercy Johnson for attacking her spiritually and physically, so because of this an unknown follower from her Instagram page message her and threaten to kill her son within 7 days if she doesn’t apologize to Actress Mercy Johnson On what she said and actress Angela Okorie who was threaten online didn’t react much but she posted saying “Only if you know how many alters I have raised for God. Only if you know who my son is”

Well after a year now i think everything is alright and everybody is living their life happily now.

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So let’s check out some recent photos of actress Angela Okorie.

Well if you ask me I think that what the unknown follower did was really bad and he’s message can be regarded as a crime because he threatened the life of Actress Angela Okorie’s son and that’s really Dangerous. Even Angela Okorie acted a little harsh by accusing Mercy Johnson for attacking her physically without any proof.

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