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“All They Know Is Money, We Will Give Them And They Will Vote For Us” – APC Politician Brags In Imo State



Sadly, poverty has always been one of the tools they use to get what they want. Every politician knows these & so does every Nigerian. share money to influence votes, make a grand donation to calm down outrage after committing a crime, do giveaways to shift public opinion on your side. I sincerely wonder when Nigerians will grow to understand that taking money before voting is equal to selling one’s future. So sad.

A Nigerian politician from I’m state was filmed accusive words on the people, he said the only language the people understand is money and they will give them so the can vote” it’s sad because at the 21st century we shouldn’t be hearing anything like this, especially in country that is prey to insecurity, unemployment, non payment of workers, poor infrastructure and poor quality of life, Education and healthcare.

Live in Imo State, an unrecognized politician clearly face multitude of People on a campaign ground and say “we will go to the grass root level and give them the language they understand. money is what they want, we will give the and they will vote for us”. Instead of him giving the people the good life they deserve, instead of giving good road, good health care facilities, good governance, accountability and corruption free leadership, he promised to give them money, so sad this is what poverty has reduced our people to.

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In a video trending on Twitter, a politician display a show of shame in a gathering that looks like a campaign group with large number of old women baring banners of politician and singing praises of these men. One of the banners they were carrying shows the name “senator Ibezim”. Another man on the podium was seen waving broom, don’t forget that broom is a symbol of APC political party.

The worst part of these story is that the people were yelling in happiness, they were shouting when the man mentioned money. Nigerians, were we heading to? When a politician buys your vote with 5 thousand naira, when he gets to the office he will take 50 million naira to replace the 5 thousand naira he gave to you. And they you will begin to complain of bad roads, high cost of food, corruption etc, but you started it.

The simple solution is to checkmate politician and their money – for – vote game is to be smarter than them. We are closer to the grassroot than these politicians are. We need to move closer to the unenlightened amongst us where ever we are to sensitize and enlighten them of what good governance should be, let them know how these politicians are using the money meant for community developments to live large and only give them crumbs. . . say it in the language they understand. It might take a while, but it will get to a point their modus operandi will fail them.

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One word for this APC politician please?