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13years Old Girl Committed Suicide by Drinking Insecticide After his Brother Beat her for Having a Boyfriend (Details below)



Nigerian Girl Commits Suicide In Warri After Elder Sister Beat Her For Having Boyfriend.

A teenage girl has reportedly killed herself in Warri, Delta state following beatings she received for having a boyfriend.

According to residents of Warri Main Garage in Warri Delta state, the 13-year-old girl lived with an elder sister, who is also unidentified and had beaten her for having a boyfriend.

Annoyed by the sister’s action, the deceased took an insecticide and ended up dead behind a Total filling station near Warri Main Garage.

The incident reportedly happened on Saturday, the 16th of May 2020.

Here is what a resident said about the tragic story;

“It’s a shame. The girl was seen by her elder sister with a man and she beat her for having a male lover at her age. She went inside and killed herself by drinking Angle 90 (insecticide).

“She’s too small to have a man lover. Don’t look at her body, she is a small girl. They should throw away her body, no need to bury her.

“Residents of the area are angry because we all know her as a little girl, we don’t know her name but we use to see her around.”