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Where is Wike? Watch what soldier was caught doing to a man in Oyigbo that got people talking



The current situation in Rivers state has been trending issue over the past few days as soldiers are allegedly attacking people and killing of Igbos in Oyigbo, Rivers state. Over the past few days, there has been reports of Soldiers shooting sporadically and arresting people who were IPOB and this video might just have confirmed that.

A soldier who was caught on camera who seen hitting an Igbo man with a stick even though the man continued running, that didn’t make the soldier stop and continued following him.

The lady who shared the video said this happened at hospital road by York and anytime they see an Igbo person, they would carry them and go to their check point and start tormenting them. To the extend that the man was made to go inside a dirty gutter as they continued hitting him.

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