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VIDEO: Woman run nak3d on the street after sakawa boy did this to her



A viral video was released into the internet as The woman in the Picture was allegedly in a guesthouse with a Nigerian Boyfriend who she recently got.

The woman in the picture who is allegedly from Boksburg according to Mzansi Social Networking Users who witnessed the incident which was captured in a video which has gone viral Overnight and Mzansi is shedding Laughter and Sadness over the video.

The women allegedly slept with a Nigerian as Nigerians are exaggerated and are highly know of having Big. 4 5 s And the woman was after the four five why judge her but the consequences she suffered are beyond comparison.

According to a source in Wikipedia In the viral video the woman is crying and hold her Fruit crying as she is feeling pain in her fruit of sins which she gave to the Niger man whom she had gone to meet in the guesthouse.

The Nigerian man whom she allegedly was with met with her in the guesthouse and when they were done doing the deed,The man allegedly shrinked and became smaller and smaller until he turned into a snake which enter her Fruit resulting in that she ran out undressed asking for help whilst crying,holding her fruit of sins.

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She was sent to the hospital by Good Samaritans who could not bear seeing her like this. SABC news broadcasted the whole scenario and interviewed Eye witnesses on scene.

Ladies beware and do not sleep around with other unknown races as you may just find yourself in her place.

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