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Unbelievable!! Ghanaian Production Company Auditions For P*rn Actors – Pledges To Pay GHc 3000 Per Scene



This is by far the weirdest news to ever happen in Ghana in 2020. A movie house in the country has boldly placed adverts for public audition for adult film actors.

The media house by name, Horse Media House, released flyers and voice ads to scout for young energetic men and women who love having s*x to audition as P*rn actors.

They pledged to pay GH3000 per scene and directed interested persons to DM for their contact and location for the auditions.

On their flyer, it was indicated that the auditions will happen between November 13th to 31st and every actor will wear mask to protect his/her identity.

Producing and telecasting adult content in Ghana is a crime so it baffles me how a movie company can boldly post an audition for P*rn actors.

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