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REVEALED: Here is the real reason why people use snakes for money rituals



A lot of videos have been circulating of people being accused to using snakes to accumulate wealth. Some pictures have also circulated of people with their snaked and some collecting money which snakes had vomited.

Out of all the animals in the world snakes are known to be used for these money rituals. You barely hear stories of someone making money using a lion of an elephant. This has brought a serious question of why people use snakes and not any other animal..

In the beginning according to the bible the devil transformed himself into a snake and was able to deceive one of the first human being to be created. This angered God and he put enmity between the man and the snake. “And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers, he will crush your head and you will strike his heel.” Genesis 3:15.

Because of the enmity that was placed between God and man the devil saw this as an opportunity to defy God again. The devil is always working against God because he wants people to worship him instead of God. He therefore uses snakes to get along with people and doing evil things together thus defying whatever God said would happen.

The snake is well known to be a clever, cunning and witty creature. It also attacks when it sees an easy opportunity and all these are the characteristics of the devil. The devil does not believe that people can choose to worship God if they are not given anything in return. He believes that people only go to God to seek riches and wealth. This was proved when he was tempting Jesus while he was in the mountain fasting.

Satan vowed to give Jesus the whole world and its riches if only he could bow down to worship him. To this proposal Jesus refused. “ If you bow down and worship me he said, I will give you the world” Mathew 4:9-11 However this was proof that the devil does own the riches of the world and he uses them to gain people.

When people go to seek riches from the devil he will give them but at a price. He enjoys toying with people’s minds and see how much they can betray God in order to become rich. People end up killing their family relatives and friend all in the name of becoming rich. They are then given snakes which sometimes demand sexual satisfaction from human beings which goes against all the rules of nature.

When the people agree to do this they suddenly become rich. You find that you ca be in the same business with these people but you will not be making as much money as they will be. The only duty they will have is to satisfy the needs of that snake thus the needs of the devil. There is nowhere in the world that people have claimed to have been rapped by a snake in the forest but their snakes sleep with human beings why? The answer is simple they are not snakes it’s the devil himself.

The whole snake symbolism is just a mockery to God by the devil. It is simply saying even if you said man would squash my head when they see me they will worship me if I give them money.

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