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REVEALED! Actress, Destiny Etiko Opens Up On Sleeping With Men For Money (Details below)



Nollywood actress, Destiny Etiko has opened up on how she feels about sleeping with men for money.

The voluptuous actress made this known in a recent interview where she debunked claims that she is in the habit of sleeping with men to fund her celebrity lifestyle.

Destiny Etiko TWERKS IT UP In New Video

In the interview withSunday Scoop, the actress who is famous for her attractive physique has said some people misunderstand her because of her physical attributes.

According to her, she is not looking for a billionaire or a very rich man to get married to. She said that she is hard-working enough to support any man she eventually ends up with.

In her words, “I know some men are scared of successful women but my man cannot be scared of me. I am not looking for a billionaire or someone that has a lot of money. I am hard-working and would surely support whoever I am getting married to.

I don’t believe in sleeping around to make money but a lot of people misunderstand me because of my physique. My work pays me very well. Some people who are not even close to me want to do me favours, so what is the essence of sleeping around. If God gives me a man that is moderately rich and I love him, I would go ahead with the marriage. I am in a relationship and I am comfortable with my man.

“I cannot marry a man that does not appreciate me or support my career. He would have to look for someone else because it cannot work. Although as a married woman, there may be some roles I would not be able to act anymore.

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Once a man is supportive, I don’t need a billionaire. I am not a money-conscious person and would not cheat on my man. It is very important to marry a man that one loves. Why would a man be intimidated by a woman’s success? Any man that does that is not worthy to be called a man. When a woman does legitimate businesses, the man would need to support her.

Any man that does not support a hard-working woman is less of a man and I cannot entertain such a person. When we are ready to get married, the whole world will know my man. It cannot be hidden.”

Speaking about her father’s recent luxurious funeral ceremony, she said she was overwhelmed by the personalities that graced the occasion and doled out cash to make it memorable.

She said, “My father was a good man and the love I received during his funeral was massive. I was shocked that veteran actors such as Pete Edochie, Patience Ozokwo and John Okafor (Mr Ibu) honoured me.

I celebrate people, especially on their birthdays, anniversaries and other memorable moments. I also attend people’s events, unless I am not disposed. Some people were even stuck in traffic and they had to turn back. If all the actors that planned to come made it to the venue, it would have been more than a carnival that some people said it was.

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I was glad that Prophet Odumeje came. Immediately he arrived, everywhere was shut down. People began to shout and even left their seats to see him. He shook the crowd. My mother was short of words even though she knew my plans.”

Watch Odumeje Spray Destiny Etiko ONE MILLION NAIRA

The 30-year-old actress made her Nollywood debut in the 2014 Ernest Obi-produced movie, Idemili. She has since gone on to become a household name in the industry.

She holds a degree in Theatre Arts from the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Anambra.

As earlier stated, the actress who possesses what many refer to as a ‘coke-bottle’ shape has many times been accused of getting acting roles solely on her body shape.

In another recent interview, the actress debunked such speculations while noting that one needs to have content to thrive in the industry. According to her, she’s also a child of grace.

Speaking in the interview, Etiko said,

“Having a nice shape was not what made me popular, whether you’re s*xy or not you must have content. You can’t be a star by being beautiful or fair or voluptuous. S*xiness and beauty can only make people like you but it won’t keep you there for long.

“My ‘s*xiness’ didn’t give me any special privilege, although it’s an added advantage. Another thing that helped me is that I carry grace. When you have the grace to make it, no one can stop you.”