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My Father Cut Off my Legs While His Wife Threatened To Do This To My Family And I – Man Cries Out (Details and Photos)



Nothing is more painful in this world like living without a family while seeing others enjoying their love, care and support from their families.

This story is about a young man who was cut and macheted by his father who wanted to kill him and cut off his legs. The name of the man is David, he is disabled because he lives without Legs. However he says he wasn’t born this way and it’s unbelievable that his own father Is the one that cut off both his legs with an intention of killing him.

He has spent over 15 years living in this kind of life because the incident where he lost his legs happened in 2005. It all stated back in 1997 when he was a young child who always watch his parents fight all the time, since his mother says his father is not a good person at all because he always beats her badly and does all sorts of cruel things to her.

After sometime his mother felt that she could not take it anymore, she had the fear that her husband might end up killing her someday. so she decided to divorce and leave this man for good.
There were seven children in the family and the mother was not able to take all of them along and they were left to live with their Father.

The woman left a Small piece of land for her children which she thought they could make use of to continue with their lives and also help in some other things they might need.
She left this piece of land because she knew their father was a very greedy man and could hardly give anything to his children while he spent all he had in bars and other things that always made him happy.

It wasn’t so Long when His mother left and his father married another woman who started living with them and that was when they got a step mother.
According to what he said, this woman was even worst than their father because she hated them with all her heart, all of his siblings couldn’t stay in the house for a long time because they could not live with the situation of being tortured so they left and went to start another life elsewhere but this man was still a young boy by that time and could not make any decisions for himself so he had to stay.

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He lived a very miserable Life for quite sometime and when he was around 18 years of age he started looking for jobs because at home he wasn’t allowed to use anything that his step mother had bought like soap, cups, plates and other home materials.
He started working while other children of his age were in school, after saving some little money he returned to the piece of land which their mother had left, he constructed a small house which he lived in, got married and brought a wife to live with him since he has the intention of starting up his own family.

After building that house his father was not happy at all that his son had come back for the piece of land because he had started believing that it was his, since other children never came back.
His father always approach him and always sent him messages that he should go away and leave the land for him but David did not understand what His father meant since he knew the land was given to them by their mother, they lived with this misunderstanding for a long time and everyone in the community knew that this man was not in good terms with his father because of land.

Time went on but he refused to do anything according to what his father had told him. The man kept working in order to get money to take care of his wife. His wife got pregnant and it was something that he was very happy about but when his father found out that his son’s wife was pregnant he realized that he was serious about settling on this land and he had to do something.

The first thing he did was to pay a group of people to beat up his son in a very serious and warning way to inform him to leave the land and find somewhere else to go with his pregnant wife because the land wasn’t his like the father said.
It was unbelievable how his own father was responsible for doing such a thing but his wife told him not to fight back and let his father do whatever he felt like doing because she believed it would come to an end someday.

Later, His wife gave birth to their first born and everyone was happy for them.
One day he heard someone cutting down sometime right outside his house and he had to go out to check who was doing such a thing and why he was doing it. Upon getting outside his father was waiting for him with a very big stone in his hands and the moment he stepped out his father hit him on the head with the Stone and then he blacked out.

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During his black out, his father cut off both his legs and injured him severely, David’s wife ran out of the house with their one week old baby screaming and calling their neighbors to rescue her. David’s father was filled with fear and he ran away but the case was reported to the police and he was later arrested, his trial proved he attempted murder and he was sentenced to jail.

David was still suffering from the injuries he had and has also spent 7 months in coma while he was being taken care of by his wife. He later woke up from coma and saw what had happened to him, it was the most terrifying moment of his life.
David thought it was all over but as soon as his step mother heard that he survived, it hurt her and she vowed to hunt him down in secret and kill him because it was what her husband was supposed to do.

Despite the fact that he couldn’t walk anymore, David was so scared that he decided to go and live somewhere else which means he never returned to his home. he now lives far away from his family and does not wish any of them could know where he lives, he had to do this to put his life and his family to safety.
Since he can not afford artificial legs or even a wheelchair he came up with his own artificial legs and he added small wheels to it’s lower part in order to help him move easily but they are too heavy to carry.

He has lost trust in everyone, all he does is to go out on the street and beg alms in order to provide for his wife and baby, he at least wants them to have a better life and future since they have gone through a lot all because of him. He rarely talks to people just because of the fear of his Step-Mother getting to know where he lives