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Man Recounts How He Fainted And Was Rushed To The Hospital After Meeting His Girlfriend’s S3xual Demands (Video)



A man identified as Kalz has recounted how intercourse with his then-girlfriend landed him at the hospital and probably nearly died. According to his post on Twitter, his former girlfriend demanded two rounds of s3x from him sounded normal but the fact that the lady tabled her request right after he was just discharged from the hospital while he was still recuperating made him faint.

He was then rushed to the hospital after he fainted afterward since he was obviously not fit yet to engage in any aggressive activity.

When asked what the biggest sacrifice he has done for someone, he said, “in 2007, I fell sick & spent days in the hospital treating typhoid. The day I was discharged from the hospital, my ex came to my room to greet me. She said she was horny & seriously need s3x. I gave her 2 rounds. I fainted & was rushed back to the hospital”.

It is ridiculous how some people can go just to have people satisfy their s3xual desires. In another video that has since gone viral, gives an account of an instance where a horny lady seated in her posh car is seen literally on her knees begging and seducing a poor beggar for a passionate kiss in traffic. In the video, the lady who was inside a car, called the hawker as if she was going to buy something from him, and when the man obliged, the lady grabbed him and requested for a kiss.

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The man was shocked by the lady’s demand and told her that he does not know what she was talking about. “Hawker, I want to kiss you. Kiss the hungry me.” the lady said.

Apart from begging the street hawker for a kiss, the young lady also told him that she would like to be slept with. The lady’s statement or request could tell that she was serious and really wanted someone to have s3x with. However, it is just a few people around that will succumb to requests like this just like that.