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Demonic Letter Written By Possessed Nun From 1676 Finally Translated – What She Wrote Will Shock You



After 300 years of darkness, light has finally been shed on a letter that was claimed to be written by the devil.

A Sicilian nun woke up one day with ink all over her body and she had a letter which she claimed was written by the devil as he possessed her.

Sister Maria Crocifissa della Concezione was born Isabella Tomasi in 1645, but was rechristened once she entered the Benedictine convent at Palma di Montechiaro aged 15.

One morning in 1676, she awoke covered in ink with the mysterious letter in front of her, telling her sisters she had been possessed by Satan and that he had forced her to write a message.

The nuns believed her, and while they – and the generations of nuns who came after them – could not make sense of the code, they displayed it at the convent.

Many people have tried to decode it over the years, but no one has succeeded – until now.

A team at the Ludum Science Centre in Catania, Sicily, used a program they found on the dark web to unscramble the letter.

A team in Sicily deciphered the message and found it to be devilish.

It describes God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit as ‘dead weights’, and says ‘God thinks he can free mortals’.

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It also says God was invented by man, adding that ‘this system works for no one’.

Another sentence reads: ‘Perhaps now, Styx is certain’, referencing the River Styx that separates the Earth and the Underworld in Greek and Roman mythology