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Woman Wears Her Wedding Dress to Boyfriend’s Job Place and Demands He Marries Her Instantly–With Pastor and Bridesmaid She Brought



A woman who seems to have waited longer than she could take wore her wedding dress and stormed into a Las Vegas Target and demanding that her fiance – a store employee – marry her on the spot or that’s the end of their relationship.

The ordeal which must have been embarrassing for the man was caught on camera.

TikTok user @boymom_ashley posted a two-part video Friday, showing the determined bride-to-be as she marches through the store aisles, searching for her unsuspecting fiance.

“She is accompanied by a man in dark clothes and what appears to be a bridesmaid, judging by her frock, the bouquet she’s holding and her arm-swinging determination as she keeps pace with the ‘bridezilla,’ ” Edujandon reported.

The woman is heard saying to her red shirted-fiancee. : ‘You put this ring on my finger two years ago and it’s time to do it or get out,’

She adds that she’s brought a pastor and Emily, her bridesmaid, and that if he doesn’t marry her ‘this second,’ she’s ‘done’ and ‘out.’